Epaulettes & Sliders

Epaulettes & Sliders can be supplied in a variety of Shapes and Formats.


Woven sliders are best suited to larger volume orders, because they can be more competitively priced than embroidered ones. The design is woven into a background fabric. This method is also better where detail or a higher definition image is required. Minimum quantity 50 pairs.


For embroidered epaulettes or sliders the design is stitched onto a base material. This is more commonly the method used for smaller orders. If you wish to produce your own custom sliders and require blank sliders to print or embroider on we can also supply these. Minimum quantity 12 pairs.


Franklins also supply armbands to organisations, so that members may display metal badges etc. on them. Please contact our sales team for a quote.

Blank ready-made sliders for epaulettes

Franklin's can supply blank ready-made sliders at various stages of manufacture for ease of printing or embroidery.

We supply three different sizes.

Normally we supply either flat with backing and overlocking (for image please click here), ready for printing or embroidery, before the final simple stitching process. Or blank completely finished.

This allows printers or embroiderers with no stitching facilities to sell custom sliders.

NB. Franklins make all our epaulettes & sliders  to order for trade customers. We are sorry but we do not stock small quantities for retail sale, or to replace individual losses.

For further information on any of the products mentioned please contact us with a description of the product(s) you are interested in.

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